Our Mission & Values

At Pevy Lawyers, we seek to change what you have come to expect from your legal advisor.

Years spent working for large law firms have given us perspective on how we believe we can deliver superior legal services and solutions. The result is the offering of an unparalleled service proposition – not just fancy talk and rhetoric. Assisted by leading edge technology and fresh thinking, our innovative approach to property and business legal services include:-

Meeting with you at your location
or in our offices.

Office hours, staffing or supervisory responsibilities bogging you down? Where geography permits, we welcome the opportunity to come to you to discuss your matter. Our lawyers also regularly travel to interstate and regional areas to service our nationwide clientele.

Dealing with the same,
experienced person start through to finish.

Pevy Lawyers enables you to deal directly with those who have had a decade or more of first hand experience in their fields, not with a junior paralegal or lawyer learning the ropes.  You can be assured the same lawyer giving you the fee estimate at the start of your matter will be the one assisting you right through to settlement. How could we truly know and understand your business otherwise?

Proactive, not reactive, advice

As we only practice in the areas of our specialisation, we can predict and prepare you for potential problems or situations long before they arise. Setting us apart from other lawyers, this foresight can dramatically reduce the ultimate cost of your matter and increase the likelihood of it proceeding. With strategies, relationships and industry contacts that only come from having seen it many times before, you can rest easy knowing we are proactively challenging ourselves to remain one step ahead.

Competitive and flexible charging structures where you’re not the only one risking a blow out on costs

If there is one pet hate amongst clients, it must surely be getting quoted one thing, and being invoiced another. Sure, occasionally factors beyond your control, or the control of your lawyer, mean the original fee estimate needs to be revised. But should your lawyer really be rewarded for inefficiency or inexperience? We are the only firm in our practice areas who is openly prepared to share the risk of fees above our initial estimates with you on a 50/50 basis – meaning those unnecessary paper wars and point scoring between lawyers will never be our profit drivers.

Doing away with the
‘charge for everything’ mentality

Forget about dreading the trip to the mailbox at the end of the month – you’ll never receive an invoice from Pevy Lawyers without having discussed it with us first. We pride ourselves on our openness and exceptional client care which is why if the unexpected happens, any necessary variation in the fee estimate will be discussed immediately with you as your matter progresses – not just when it comes time for you to open your cheque book.

Consistent, exceptional service and advice

Our business is very much referral dependent. The greatest compliment you can bestow upon us is a referral. We appreciate this will not occur without providing you with consistent and exceptional service and advice – without the need for you having to constantly send follow up emails or wait for a return phone call.

7 days a week accessibility

For when that pressing concern just can’t wait until Monday morning, we provide dedicated after-hours support for all our clients.